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Ne-Yo bio

When you co-write the most-played song in radio history, what do you do for an encore? The young R&B singer-songwriter called Ne-Yo (after Keanu Reeves' character in the Matrix movies) is about to answer that question with the release of his debut album In My Own Words, Feb. 28 on Def Jam Recordings.At the tender age of 23, the Arkansas native (real name: Shaffer C. Smith) has already made music history for co-writing the hit "Let Me Love You" for with superstar producer Scott Storch. "Let Me Love You" became the #1 radio anthem of 2004, garnering 189.5 million listeners in one week, the most spins in chart history.Now, Ne-Yo is bringing his silky smooth tenor to his own hits, starting with his debut single "So Sick," a song about a guy who's so lovesick he can't even listen to love songs anymore, because they all remind him of the girl he wants. Fortunately for the rest of us, in real life Ne-Yo still likes love songs just fine, along with all sorts of other kinds of rap, hip-hop and R&B. Here's his "Top Ten Playlist" of favorite songs...an

1. Prince - “Joy in Repetition” - Like the way it's written, not even a song, kind of like a rant, no cadence, just ranting.
2. Stevie Wonder - Beautiful song from lyrics to melody, song from the heart.
3. Tears for Fears - Like the melody and the dude’s voice.
4. Jodeci - Traditional R&B sex song.
5. Boyz II Men - Love the melodies, music, way put together, sounds like a march.
6. Jay-Z - Best written song by Jay-Z.
7. A Tribe Called Quest - - Really like the music.
8. Busta Rhymes - Like how creative Busta is in the song.
9. Busta Rhymes - Love how creative it is and he’s one of my favorite rappers of all time.
10. Jay-Z Favorite rapper of all time.

Ne Yo lyrics http://www.lyricsenergy.com/lyrics/n/neyo/index.php

What do the lyrics in the Slipknot song?

I know it has something to do with humanity being represented by 555 and the devil 666 can anyone elaborate on the phrase:If your 555 then I'm 666Thanks

Here is the answer:

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I'm looking for this disco classic but I don't know the title or artist

Some of the lyrics include (female) "c'mon let's do it, c'mon let's do it, c'mon let's do it,do it, do it..." - "everybody, get on up and dance, get on up..." & a male singing/rapping - "chicaaboomboom". I always hear it on the radio when they're playing a dance mix...please help, I've been looking for this for years, thanks.
Here is the answer

Or anybody can fid it here: